Lemont Consulting assists early stage companies to quickly achieve real business traction in the marketplace.

Buying patterns of today’s hi–tech customer demonstrates that technology and innovation is no longer enough to win the day. Early stage companies must innovate and execute flawlessly in their go-to-market models if they expect to create repeatable customer and market success before their competitors, the sleeping giants, awaken.

Working closely with the senior management team and board, we apply our proven methodology to develop an implementation plan for a completely integrated go-to-market strategy, tying together the company’s business model, sales channel strategy, marketing program, and service delivery methodology.

What We Do

Great product ideas and clever brilliant engineering teams are not enough. Early stage companies must innovate in their go to market models and achieve flawless execution to build a great company. Lemont Consulting guides entrepreneurs to find and optimize the right go to market strategy and implementation. We work to maximize the company’s finite capital while rapidly driving the company to a repeatable scalable business model.

Who We Are

After being a four time start-up CEO, presiding on eight different boards, participating in numerous highly successful exits and now having consulted with ten different emerging companies Lemont Consulting has been involved in every type of business and go to market model. We have been at the fore front of pioneering SAS and subscription models, refining enterprise selling models, implementing innovative inside selling models, creating high volume lead generation systems, and finding real world practical uses for social media. Lemont Consulting has the real world practical experience to be the change agent your organization needs.

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